en theos. Signet - Sterling Silver & Diamond

en theos. Signet - Sterling Silver & Diamond


Wear this sterling silver and white diamond signet ring as a reminder of the power of exuberance. "En theos" is the Greek translation of "a God within" and is the root of "enthusiasm." This lightweight signet has an oblong shape and curves perfectly to fit the finger comfortably. Many men and women choose it for their middle finger, but it looks equally stunning on the pinky or any other finger. It has 22 white diamonds around the edges of the top and one white diamond on its face that acts as a period for "en theos."

Weight: 6.5g

Length across face: 19mm

Height of face: (Begins at) 5mm; 9mm (at highest point)

Width from face to shank (stone setting): 2mm

Width of band: approximately 4mm

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