Play Nice. Signet - 14k

Play Nice. Signet - 14k


This 14k gold and black diamond signet engraved with "Play Nice." is the updated version of the signature piece “Be a Lady.” It commands attention, yet remains playful. The engraved top sits high so that the 22 black diamonds set around its circumference are featured prominently. Meant to be worn on the middle finger, it is the new DRU. version of "Nasty Woman." Alternatively, it may be worn on any finger as a reminder to “play nice,” which I think we all can use sometimes. Although it is a heavy ring, it sits comfortably on the finger. The body of the shank has a rectangular shape with rounded corners and acts as a pedestal so both the powerful message and the striking black diamonds are showcased high atop the finger. 

Length across face: 23mm

Height of face: 10mm

Width from face to shank (stone setting): 4mm

Width of band: approximately 4mm

Weight: 14g

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