DRU. was launched during a time when I was searching for strength.  We all have those moments when we are stripped of our safety, and we must slowly, piece-by-piece, rebuild our armor, taking great care to keep space open through which the light may enter.

My collection began with iconic symbols and images that have provided hope and solace throughout history.  As DRU. evolved, I began incorporating words as mantras.  At the same time, our political landscape changed so drastically and painfully, we all seemed to be looking for faith and promise in an increasingly hostile and discouraging reality, and I found it even more important to use my jewelry as protection against the ugliness, while helping to retain one’s grace, individuality, and sense of humor. For it is these qualities that define strength.  

DRU. is inspired by all that inspires me as a person: nature, music, physical movement, one’s personal style, and the observation of people interacting with the world.  These are what stir me to create, and that stirring better connects me to my emotions, which determine the direction of my creativity that day.  We are all multi-faceted and capable of both the beautiful and the gruesome, sometimes within the same breath, for they both exist within us.  DRU. has become a way for me to make sense of life’s complexities, find light in the dark places, and create armor that lets in the light.